Learn to play music!
Ukulele, Voice and musicality lessons 


I'm currently offering private lessons for a limited number of students!

My music lessons are geared for people with no or little experience - I love working with total beginners! Lessons are open to adults, teens and children over the age of 7.  I offer a broad, introduction to music and developing musicality through voice, ukulele and freeing up creativity.   If you consider yourself a beginner, or wish to find or develop your musicality, then this is for you!  I am here to help you find your inner musician.  


• Have you ever wanted to play music?  

• Do you stand in awe at musicians and wonder if you can ever do that? 

• If you play already, do you want to take your current musicality to the next level? And learn how to be the kind of musician people love jamming with? Learn how to listen and communicate better? 

• Do you want to learn how to sing, play an instrument and jam with friends around a campfire? 

• Do you want more confidence in your singing voice?  Are you scared  of singing in front of other people? (or even in the shower) Are you self conscious when you sing? Would you LOVE to join in on sing-a-longs and sing in a choir with confidence?

If any of these are YOU, then this is for YOU! 

I'm here to playfully walk with you through the doorway of music. There, we will find what's inside of you and let it OUT! 

Each lesson is customized for what you want to learn. We will begin by talking about your goals and then mix and match the fun! 



• Basic vocal coaching - Find confidence in your voice, overcome fears and blocks. Learn how to warm it up, project, increase range and then sing with others! 

• Vocal improvising - Learn how to use your voice as an instrument of communication with others. Build confidence in your ability to jam and harmonize!  Learn how to jump in on vocal jams and rock out like Bobby McFerrin! 

• Basic ukulele and guitar: Learn how to play fun and accessible songs you love. And then sing with yourself! Wow your friends at the next campfire. 

• Music theory and mystery school: Understand the theory behind the music as a means of communicating with others. It's as simple as Do Re Mi!  Learn about scales, sharps, flats, chords and what all of those little notes mean on the paper. 

• Basic rhythm and drumming extras: Develop your rhythmic abilities on the hand drum and percussion. Develop understanding of common rhythms. Learn how to JAM with others in a hippie drum circle! 

• Find your sense of FUN! The main part about working with ME is that you are willing to get silly. Learn how to free up your creativity and sense of play and wonder. Find joy in the simple pleasure of making music with people and invite music as a spiritual practice into your life.  Guaranteed increase in happiness! 


Price: $50 for a 50 minute lesson.

Or sign up for my Intro music Package: 4 lessons for just $185. 

Get results! Make a commitment to yourself. With just 4 lessons you will be playing music in no time! 

• Experience continuity in your lessons

• Experience quick progress towards your goals

• By committing, you will feel the sense of personal achievement and discipline towards who you want to be. Feels good! 


To schedule a lesson, please fill out the form below or call 971-227-0589

I offer lessons in person at my North Portland home (near PCC Cascade), or via Skype/Face Time anywhere in the world!! 

I am only taking a select number of students at the moment. So get in touch! 

~ Robin 

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I had a singing lesson with Robin Jackson. It was soooo fun! That lesson was a highlight of my life! Robin was all these things: patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and nice! I was nervous, since I’ve been told I have a terrible voice and am tone deaf and I’ve never had a singing lesson—but Robin put me at ease and I relaxed right away. And he told me I wasn’t tone deaf, so that changes everything! I’ve been practicing—he gave me tips and songs to practice on my own. Super great experience!
— Cindy Jackson, Walnut Creek, CA