October Rain

The rain pulls me awake
on this warm Autumn morning
the melancholy sky of grey
comforts like a cave

You didn’t stay last night
and maybe that’s the right thing
letting go is truly for the brave

Many times I tried
to pick up the pieces
of this broken moon we left
hanging in the sky

I have no illusions
only disappointments
there’s only so much you can do
until it’s time to say goodbye
say goodbye...

October rain
the bitter knowing change
so let’s make love before the
snows fall from the sky
we both saw the sunrise and both felt the pain
now let it wash away October rain

As the cold wind blows us
through this narrow winter
and the fallen leaves of what we hoped for
lay upon the ground

I hope you will remember
the beauty of the summer
when I found you in the garden
with your brown hair hanging down

Sometimes love is wary
and hides within the fallows
and slips into the darkness
like a moon upon the wane

But you still found the way
through the tangled weeds and brambles
So I will always think of you
in the autumn when it 

©2012 Robin Jackson