That Time ofNight Again

I want you, you want me
but you never come around
I watch the sea, wait patiently
the waves my only sound

Thoughts spin and twirl like a dancing girl
or leaves in the autumn breeze
They pass me by I lose my mind
these thoughts were never meant to be

But there’s a time when thoughts like these
are offered places at my table to sit
You said farewell, and left a spell
oh now it’s that time of night again isn’t it

On that first night you lit a candle bright
and swooned inside my head like alcohol
but in this dream somethin’ came between
and now that candle’s casting shadows on the wall

Oh poets write on stormy nights
and singers in the barrooms they will wail
of all the times loves made us stand in line
another chapter to this unrequited tale

And now my hope is dangling by a rope
and the wind’s blown out this candle love has lit
And all that’s left to me is my own company
and now it’s that time of night again isn’t it

©Copyright 2012