The Wish

I put another quarter in the wishing well
I prayed to the dark and down it fell
Down in the watery deep
are promises no one can keep

I’ve spent so many diamonds my crowns almost bare
And the patches on my heart are sewn on with care
And every time that I hit the floor
I keep coming back for more

Buy me a ticket on this one way train
'cause the only way to love is again and again
And I’m riding the rails through this hurricane
let it rain, oh let it rain
Take a whisper from my lips and breath from my chest
Steal a beat from my heart put my soul to the test
I lay my guns in the ground and my lies to the west
let it rest, oh let it rest

I once stole sunshine from a desert dream
I once went fishing in a dried up stream
I held mountains in my hand
I wasn’t careful and they turned to sand

I came across a sweet magnolia flower
that smelled as soft as the midnight hour
She stole diamonds from my dreams
and wore them like a Zingara queen

And may our scars be as pretty as a pink ole’ Texas sky
and soft and tender like the whisper of a jackalope’s sigh
and when we light new candles
and our old ghosts haunt us on
may the flames burn them
away with the dawn

I met Aphrodite on a summer’s day
through weeds and the brambles she showed me the way
and left a glass crystal in my soul
that echoed like a singing bowl

I rode to edge of a canyon deep
where the wind was so strong it knocked it me off of my feet
Like a banshee out in the storm
I knew again I’d been reborn

©Copyright 2012