Portland singing drumming and music workshop
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Activate your musical birthright!

Do you have a desire to connect more to music, creativity and magic in your life?  Have you ever wished you could sing with more confidence and freedom? Or imagined that you could pick up a drum and jam with a group like a rockstar?  

Do you YEARN to feel confident with this part of yourself that has so much potential for connection, healing and personal freedom? Do you want to understand the language of music and learn how to communicate with others within this realm with more ease and knowing?

If the answer is YES YES YES then you are invited to engage and explore the power and beauty of your own musical potential in this workshop for anyone who wants to sing, drum and learn how to speak music!

We will courageously and curiously journey together through the world of songs, rhythm, voice and personal freedom all within an inspiring, supportive and lively environment.

So many people we know crave to understand the language of music. They want access to singing, to connecting with themselves and with others.  We hear so often words like “If I could wish for ANYTHING it would be to communicate with music. I long for it.” You are not alone! This is for YOU!   

The goal of this workshop is to ignite and then deepen our relationship with music.  We will connect to our inner muse using voice, rhythm, movement, and other creative activities. You will:

• Build confidence in your voice and thus in yourself

• Learn basic rhythms on the drum and cultivate an understanding of how rhythm works

• Learn tips and tricks for how to participate effectively in a group music jam and improvise!

• Expand your creativity and discover and expand your natural talent

• Learn some awesome new songs and games you can then share with others!

• Have fun!

You will learn simple songs and rounds with respect to the cultures and traditions they came from. You will sing circle songs like Bobby McFerrin. You will learn how to open and expand your voice and how to sing vocal improvisation and sing harmonies. You will make rhythms with your hands and feet on djembes from West Africa as well as other drums and rhythm makers. You will get into your body, breath and heart as you step into the unknown and delight in a musical world where anything is possible, all with joy, playfulness and total support. Guaranteed to expand your confidence and your consciousness!

For all ages and abilities. No experience necessary.

Date: June 8th

Time: 2-6pm

Place: Yoga Shala, 3808 NE Williams

Cost is just $59

You must Pre-register in order to come! 

(Some scholarships or trade avail) 

Please fill out the form below to Register. You will then be prompted to complete registration via Paypal.

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Robin Jackson
5838 N Albina
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Or email to set up other arrangements at robin at robin jackson dot net

Thank you!